Why Water-soluble CBD is Important?

Why Water-soluble CBD is Important?

It’s no secret that CBD is making its way onto shelves of stores all over the world. And with CBD all over the place, it’s hard to tell if you are buying a high quality product. The bottom line is, the quality of the product is determined by the level of design work and the competency of the developers working on the products.

That’s why at EnviroStar Ingredients we make every effort to ensure we produce the highest quality CBD products.  Our investment in development work by our world class development team is what makes our water-soluble powders stand out from the crowd.

Now you may have seen us mention this term on social media, but maybe you don’t exactly know what we mean by “water-soluble.” Compared to the traditional method of production by spraying CBD onto a carrier powder, our water-soluble CBD is made using a nano-emulsion encapsulation process.

The way CBD is processed into water soluble product matters.  At EnviroStar Ingredients, we make a polymer emulsion that will never separate.  Which gives it accurate dosing and no shaking is needed to keep the product stable, and unlike our competitors our water-soluble products are 100% dissolvable. This means that there is a higher concentration of bioavailability than other CBD products, and you have the ability to measure a consistent dose with each use and take CBD on-the-go by adding it to your own beverages.


Why Should You Use or Sell Water-Soluble CBD?

There are quite a few benefits to having water-soluble CBD compared to traditional oil-based products:

1.    More Effective, Less Waste

The higher bioavailability means that less of the product is wasted when ingested and more product is actively put to use.

2.    Quicker Onset

These products are absorbed more rapidly by the body, meaning they take less time to become active when compared to oil-based products.

3.    Versatile Use

Thanks to the developments in technology, these emulsions are allowing cannabis molecules to be mixed into water-based drinks and beverages and many other applications.

4.    Better Value

The bioavailability can increase as much as 500%. In this case, you’d need 1/5th the dosage for the same results. This creates less waste and often reduces the price per dose when compared to oil-based products. Our water soluble is superior in particular, because it will never separate from its tincture or from a water beverage it is added to.  Making it perfect for prepackaged drinks.


Have questions about our water-soluble products or want to see it first-hand? Email us today at, we’d be happy to answer any questions and send you a sample so you can see the difference.