What is Water Soluble CBD?

CBD has changed drastically over the years; it is nowhere near where it was years ago. Ten years ago, CBD was basically unheard of, and now it’s one of the most talked about holistic substances on the market and its worth is in the billions.

Once ruled by tinctures and oil, the CBD industry has evolved and advanced to match consumer needs. There are now more ways to take CBD than ever before, and based consumer demands and technology development, we will continue to see advancements.

For instance, as more and more people start to consumer CBD, we are starting to see a bigger demand for water soluble CBD.

Have you ever heard of it? No? That’s ok, that’s what we specialize in.


What is Water Soluble CBD?

You know the expression “water and oil don’t mix?” Well, CBD oil is no exception to that rule. The water molecules attract each other, and the oil molecules stick together. This causes the oil and water to form two separate layers. Water molecules pack close together, so they sink to the bottom, leaving the oil sitting on top of the water. Can you picture it? It doesn’t look, or taste, very pleasant. But don’t worry, there is good news that comes from all of this: Water Soluble CBD Solutions.

Water soluble, in a nutshell, means that a substance can be dissolved in water. This term can be used when referring to CBD oil and powder! And can be made water soluble if they are formulated as micro- or Nano emulsions, which are stable and visually uniform mixtures.

Water Soluble CBD products are a game changer in this industry, and here’s why:

  • Based on research, water soluble CBD has a higher concentration of bioavailability than other CBD products available on the market.
  • An increase in CBD -infused beverages in the market
  • An increase in CBD -infused edibles in the market
  • Consumers have the ability to have consistent dosages with each use
  • There is an increase in convenience for taking CBD on-the-go and adding it personal beverages and foods

Here at EnviroStar Ingredients we have worked hard to develop an advanced process that allows us to create high quality CBD products and solutions. And with this process, we are proud to offer water soluble CBD products. Unlike our competitors, our products:

  • Have 100% solubility
  • Contain no surfactants
  • Have all food grade ingredients
  • Undergo no separation
  • Are all natural (contain no synthetic ingredients)
  • Maintain a 12-month shelf life

See for yourself:


 The left two are competitor’s powders and the right 2 are our signature powders.

 Still skeptical? We’d be more than happy to send you some samples, just email us at, and we’d be happy to set you up with some products.