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The Growing CBD Market

The Growing CBD Market


You’ve heard us say again and again that CBD is on the rise, and if you’re going to invest or get involved with this industry, then we say now’s the time. CBD has enjoyed increased popularity over the last few years, and it’s only expected to continue to grow. Part of this growth is due to less regulations (they must have tried CBD for themselves and loved it😉). With less regulations, CBD is more accessible to the consumer, thus more popular. With the increase in popularity, consumers are not only looking at CBD as a health benefit, they are looking at it as an investment opportunity.

From how we see it, there are three main reasons to invest in CBD:


Consumer sales are continuously increasing

If you’re reading this you probably use CBD or know someone that uses CBD. We use it, that’s no secret. For some time now, CBD oil has been a very popular product. As sales continue to increase, so will the number of people wanting to invest in it, therefore a higher return on investment.

CBD is also becoming more widely accepted, therefore is being distributed more frequently. We are even seeing it being distributed and being used globally! (We may or may not have clients from overseas that use our products and processes 😉).

Many consumers are also becoming more aware of the many benefits, and uses, CBD is known for, such as relaxation and to help relieve pain. As more research is being conducted and the pressure to sell and buy higher quality CBD products increases, the national and global CBD market is anticipated to grow at an expansive rate within the next few years.


People from all generations are using CBD

One common belief is that CBD oil is for the younger generation, primarily millennials, and that you have to hold “certain beliefs” about natural medicine or remedies to use it. The reality, however, is that those who use CBD oil come from all walks of life and are of all different ages.

According to the New Hope Network, consumer interest in CBD is pushing establishment of new products. Accordingly, Cowen & Co. predicted that the CBD market would be worth $16 billion in 2025.


More Industries are Incorporating CBD into Their Products

Before now, the only people that could sell CBD were dispensaries. Now with the growth of the market, we are starting to see more companies incorporating it into their product lines.

CBD has become the latest consumer trend, and we believe it’s here to stay, especially as regulations start to lighten up. With influencer marketing at an all-time high, the promotion of CBD products and the benefits of CBD has subsequently grown. Some industries in which we have seen CBD being incorporated into includes skincare, cosmetics, haircare, pharmaceuticals, gummies, pills, infused beverages, and other products. Even here at Envirostar Ingredients we are looking at expanding our products to meet the needs and wants of our consumers. Just recently we added Liposome Powders and Fortified Waters.



RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to invest in CBD, and not just with any company, with us – EnviroStar Ingredients. This isn’t us being pushy or biased, we truly wouldn’t sell something or promote something we didn’t believe in, and we hate to brag, but this is a humble brag. Our process and products are miles ahead of the competition. Our DryOPS spray drying technology is patented and programed to monitor the drying process to ensure that it is operating in the most effective and sustainable way; and our products are of the highest quality. Simply put, no one else can compete with our CBD. Our new products have no added flavors, do not contain synthetic ingredients, are allergen free, are shelf stable, nano-sized particles and 100% dissolvable.

We will be there every step of the way to make your life easier and business run smoothly.

Ready to make the investment, or have questions we can answer? We would love to talk to see how CBD can refresh your next project.