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Spray Drying Services


Before Investing In New Equipment


EnviroStar offers Spray Drying Services because we want to do what is best for our customers.  Therefore, please call us to discuss spray dryer upgrades before starting a new spray dryer project.  First, we would like to understand your current process and issues.  That way, we can consider options to improve your existing spray dryer process, in hopes of delaying the need for capital.  Finally, if you decide you are interested in spray dryer upgrades, EnviroStar will help with every aspect of your project.

Spray Drying Services | Raw Material Preparation

Good Raw Material Preparation…


 is the first step to produce a high-quality product. 

There is a saying that “garbage in equals garbage out”.  So, the first step to getting a high-quality powder is making sure good raw material go into the system. 

EnviroStar will help you evaluate your existing raw material preparation process to determine which upgrades make sense.  We can help you evaluate…

  • Batch Tanks
  • Surge Tanks
  • Batching Logic
  • Agitation Systems
  • Recipe Management
  • Process Integration
  • Cook Tanks
  • Remote Alarms & Reporting
  • Process Alarms
  • Time & Temperature Control
  • Ingredient Addition Control

Spray Drying Services | Raw Material Delivery

The first step to a high-quality powder is make sure you have good raw material going into the system.  The next step is to make sure the raw material is delivered safely to your spray dryer.  The raw material needs to be handled carefully between the batching process and the spray dryer.  EnviroStar can help you evaluate your existing raw material delivery system to ensure a high-quality product.  We can help you evaluate….

  • Product Flow Monitoring
  • High Shear Mixers
  • CIP (Clean In Place) System
  • Over-Pressure Monitoring
  • Inline Temperature Control
  • Positive Displacement Pumps
  • CIP Integration
  • Sanitary Piping

Spray Drying Services | Spray Dryer Upgrades

EnviroStar can also study your current spray dryer to see if there are upgrade options to reduce costs.

You may have a need to increase capacity.  Naturally, EnviroStar can talk about options to increase dryer capacity in hopes of delaying the need for capital.

You may struggle with build-up on the walls of the dryer or cyclones.  EnviroStar can also offer ideas on ways to reduce or eliminate build-up.

Your products may have changes since the dryer was built.  We can also discuss ways to modify your existing dryer to better meet the needs of recent product changes.

Whatever your needs may be, EnviroStar can help determine new capabilities to reduce running costs.

  • High Pressure Pumps
  • High Pressure Homogenization
  • Sanitary Design Upgrades
  • Vibrator & Thumper Systems
  • Atomization Effectiveness Monitoring
  • Real-Time Yield Monitoring
  • DryOPS System
  • Dye Testing & Leak Repair
  • Atomizer Upgrades
  • Nozzle Cooling Systems
  • Remote Reporting
  • Remote Alarm Notifications
  • System Alarms

Spray Drying Services | Packaging Systems

Packaging systems are one of the most common areas that lead to high costs.  Therefore, packaging is a good area to study options to reduce cost.

We can discuss automation options to reduce labor costs.  Weight control is also important in packaging.  As a result, this is a good place to consider new weight control options to reduce material costs.

Finally, EnviroStar can help you take a good hard look at your packaging area to find options to reduce costs.

  • Multi Stage Feed Systems
  • Powder Conveyance
  • Weight Control
  • Automated Package Filling
  • Automated Package Conveyance
  • Weight Control Alarms
  • Weight Control Reporting
  • Remote Reporting
  • Operator Error Prevention

Unleash The Full Potential Of Your Current Spray Drying Process...