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"Budget Friendly High Efficiency Spray Drying Machines Engineered To Improve Profits"

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Energy Efficient

High efficiency designs uses up to 15% less energy than competitors

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Higher Yield

Integrated DryOPS module results in up to 5% higher yields

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More Capacity

Designed to deliver up to 10% higher capacity than competitors

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Fast Delivery

Streamlined design process means up to 50% shorter project timelines

Before Investing In New Spray Dryer Machines


Due diligence pays off


Whether to invest in new spray drying machines is a big decision involving a lot of business variables and capital. 

Therefore, we strongly encourage our clients to call us to discuss possible system upgrade options before deciding to invest in a new spray dryer. 

If expansion options don’t exist, EnviroStar can assist with every facet of your new spray dryer initiative.

New Lab Scale Spray Drying Machines

The first question we will face together…


will be the capacity for your new process.  If we determine that you only need a couple pounds of product per day, we will likely steer you toward a lab scale dryer.

In order to feed a lab scale spray drying machine, we can design and develop material preparation equipment.  And, if you decide to package product, we can help with that as well.

Though there are limitations with lab scale dryers, EnviroStar can assist with workarounds if you decide to pursue a lab scale drying process.


  • Relatively Inexpensive Purchase Price
  • Simple Operation Easy To Run
  • Semi-Portable
  • Excellent For Testing And Development


  • Lower Yield Than Larger Units
  • Limited Control Capabilities
  • Difficult To Clean
  • Not Continuous Duty

New Pilot Scale Spray Drying Machines

The Next Step Up In Spray Drying Machines…


is a pilot scale dryer.  Pilot scale spray drying machines can produce several pounds of finished product per hour.

Though the pilot scale spray dryer is more expensive than a lab scale spray dryer, they are designed to run more efficiently. 

Several options leading to extra capabilities are also available as we move up in size from lab scale to pilot scale.  EnviroStar can walk you through the differences of each option and help design the ideal system for your needs.

Extra thought is needed for upstream and downstream processes as well to ensure mixing and packaging support a high quality finished product.  EnviroStar will guide you through each option to give you a high-quality product.


  • Good Yield Performance
  • Advanced Control Options
  • Continuous Duty Design
  • Flexible Reporting Capabilities
  • Flexible Design Options


  • Relatively High Cost
  • Limited Portability
  • Industrial Utility Requirements
  • Additional Training Requirements

New Industrial Scale Spray Drying Machines

Beyond The Pilot Scale Drying Machine…


we move into large scale production scale spray drying machines.  Full scale spray dryers can produce thousands of pounds of finished product per hour.  Industrial scale spray dryers require a lot of planning and investment.

Industrial scale spray drying machines are expensive but, they are usually much more cost effective running large batches of product.  There are also many more options available with large scale dryers.  Options include everything from a variety of air flows to different atomization types.  EnviroStar would be happy to discuss your product needs to help you decide the best options for your new system.

Upstream and downstream processes are critical at this scale and explosion and fire protection are now things to consider.  Of course, EnviroStar will assist you in every aspect of your new system.  From ingredient preparation to final packaging, EnviroStar is here to help.

Finally, EnviroStar will ensure your entire spray drying process integrates well.  We will ensure you get the highest quality product possible.

  • 2-Fluid, Rotary, or High Pressure Atomizers
  • Sanitary Inlet Filtration
  • High Efficiency Outlet Air Filtration Options
  • Precise Feed Control
  • Real-Time Yield Monitoring
  • Operator Error Prevention Circuitry
  • 304 or 316 Stainless Construction Options
  • Gas or Steam Heat Options
  • System Alarm Options
  • Remote Reporting Capabilities
  • Integrated Upstream Processing Equipment Options
  • Integrated Packaging Equipment Options
  • Precise Positive Displacement Feed Pump Options
  • CIP (Clean In Place) Options
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Precise Airflow Control

You Can Depend On EnviroStar

Industries Served

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Nutraceutical
  • Chemical

Expertise In

  • Pre-Engineering
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Equipment Specification
  • Process Design and Development
  • Formulation Development
  • Low Cost Design Alternatives
  • Project Management
  • Sanitary Design
  • Machine Integration
  • Environmental Permitting and Compliance
  • Feasibility Studies
  • OSHA Compliance