EnviroSim Spray Dry Formulation Support

"Spray Drying Equipment To Run Your Spray Dryer In Any Environment"

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Flexible Capability

Simulate any naturally occurring condition

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Save Time

Reduce research to production time up to 50%

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Ease Of Use

Fully automated system.  Intuitive operator controls.

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Easy Experiments

Robust data logging and reporting

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Patent Pending Spray Drying Equipment


Run Your Spray Dryer In Any Environment


EnviroStar offers the EnviroSim environmental simulator, spray drying equipment to help clients develop new spray dryer formulas.

We designed EnviroSim to make it faster and easier to develop new spray dryer recipes.  As a result, EnviroSim helps reduce cost and effort required to develop new recipes.

EnviroSim works by preparing the supply air for your spray dryer based on user settings.  The user first selects the air traits they want to supply to their spray dryer.  Next, the user starts EnviroSim and waits a for the system to match the settings.  Finally, the user starts the spray dryer to observes the effect of the settings.

EnviroSim eliminates many of the surprises that pop up when a new product is put into production.  Therefore, use of EnviroSim saves money by giving users an idea of how products will perform before moving to production.  Finally, EnviroSim can be used to change product traits when working on leading edge products.

Flexibility and ease of use allows users to select any range of air settings.  Therefore, the air supply can consist of a simple and consistent source or a complex combination of traits.  The variety of options offers the user a whole new set of possibilities in product and process development.  Resulting in lower development costs and faster timelines.

EnviroSim also expands on options available when performing design of experiment tests for spray dried products.

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Spray Drying Equipment For Recipe Development

What if there really was a crystal ball? 

What if you could see into the future and knew how new products would run before going into production?

We have that crystal ball and would like to tell you about it.

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Perhaps most importantly, Peace Of Mind…