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"Spray Dryer Technology For Operators Who Are Fed-Up With Dryer Build-Up And High Energy Costs"

Spray Dryer Energy Efficiency Graphic

Energy Efficient

Comparisons deliver up to 15% energy reductions

Spray Dryer Yield Improvement

Lower Material Costs

Up to 5% higher yields than traditional spray dryers

Spray Dryer Capacity Increase

Increase Capacity

Improve up to 15% compared to existing systems

Spray Dryer DryOPS Integration

Adapts To Existing Systems

Easily integrated into existing spray dryers

Patent Pending Spray Dryer Technology


Unleash The Full Potential Of Your Spray Dryer


DryOPS spray dryer technology sensors constantly monitor drying conditions and adjust dryer settings to reduce overall operating costs.

To understand what DryOPS does, consider the ECM (Engine Control Module) in modern day cars.  Today’s cars rely on an ECM to monitor things like air temperature and speed.  The ECM uses this data to calculate the most efficient settings of things like fuel flow and ignition timing.  Use of an ECM improves engine power and provides better fuel efficiency.

Spray Dryer Car Analogy
Spray Dryer Fast Car Analogy

DryOPS is like an ECM for spray dryers.  It’s a spray dryer technology that monitors the surroundings and calculates the best dryer settings.  This data is used to improve drying power and reduce fuel use leading to higher yields, increased capacity, and lower fuel costs.

Side by side tests of a dryer containing the DryOPS module to a dryer without show 5% higher yields, 15% higher capacity, and 15% lower energy costs.

Not in the market for a new spray dryer right now?  Fortunately, EnviroStar can easily adapt DryOPS to an existing system.  Of course, we can also assist with integration of DryOPS into a new dryer design for clients considering new spray dry systems.

The Biggest Benefit, Peace Of Mind…