"Sonicator Equipment To Create Nano Emulsions In Any Environment"

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Flexible Capability

Simulate any naturally occurring condition

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Save Time

Reduce research to production time up to 50%

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Ease Of Use

Fully automated system.  Intuitive operator controls.

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Easy Experiments

Robust data logging and reporting

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Leading Technology: Sonicator 

Nano Emulsion for your own products


A Sonicator is a piece of equipment that is used to create nano emulsions. They come in various sizes depending on the scope of each project. So, how does a Sonicator work and what does it do?

This powerful machine vibrates liquid at such high amplitudes that it shakes the liquid into tiny little droplets. We use our Sonicators to encapsulate CBD with our polymers. Interested in getting a Sonicator for your own products? Let us help you get set up with all the equipment you will need.

Contact us now to learn how our sonicator technology can help you redefine your processes.