Spray Dryer Support For Nutraceutical
and Pharma Spray Drying

EnviroStar is proud to offer support for nutraceutical and pharma spray drying.

Equipment design is important in nutraceutical production.  Therefore, we’ve spent a lot of time and energy to make sure our products are safe for nutra production.

Nutraceutical and Pharma Spray Drying – Cost Reduction

Yield, energy, and labor costs make or break a nutraceutical producer.

Consequently, EnviroStar’s DryOPS system is a new technology that provides spray dryer support for nutra production.  DryOPS monitors the surroundings and adjusts the spray dryer to get the most drying power and improve fuel efficiency.  No other system on the market can do what DryOPS does.

Our EnviroSim simulator makes formula development easier and cheaper.  EnviroSim gives the user the ability to supply any type of air to their dryer to see how their product performs.  No other system out there allows you to see how your product will perform before moving to production.

Nutraceutical and Pharma Spray Drying – Formula Development

EnviroStar will also help you develop new formulas or assist in changing existing formulas.  In addition to helping develop formulas, we will run product samples.

Spray Dryer Background
Spray Dryer Powder Background

Nutraceutical and Pharma Spray Drying – Product Safety

We build EnviroStar products to meet sanitary design needs.  First, we offer several options for materials to make sure your equipment stands up to sanitation chemicals.  Most noteworthy, we design our products to prevent product build-up.  Best of all, we design automatic cleaning into our equipment if needed.

Rest assured, we will work closely with you to ensure your new equipment meets all your nutra production needs.

Nutraceutical and Pharma Spray Drying – New Spray Dryers

In the market for a new spray dryer?  Call EnviroStar to talk about your needs.  Our engineers will talk to you about your existing dryer first to delay the need for capital.  Project managers will work with you to decide what size dryer makes the most sense if you decide to proceed.  We will help you develop your new formulas and run samples.  Finally, EnviroStar will help you with a project plan and provide turn-key support to get you up and running.

Nutraceutical and Pharma Spray Drying – Spray Dryer Upgrades

Of course, we also upgrade existing equipment to reduce costs and increase capacity.  We support batching systems, raw material transfer, spray dryers, and packaging.  We make sure you are happy by partnering with you along each step of the process.

Nutraceutical and Pharma Spray Drying – Lean Six Sigma

Finally, EnviroStar offers a suite of engineering services to support your continuous improvement efforts.

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DryOPS Features

  • Precision Inlet and Outlet Instrumentation
  • Patent Pending Thermodynamic Control Technology
  • Real-Time Data Gathering and Reporting
  • Accurate Industrial Grade Control Components
  • Automatic System Calibration

Giving You The Benefit Of…

  • Reduced Sealer and Topcoat Checking
  • Less Under-Cured Parts
  • Elimination Of Bubbling
  • Fewer Hairline Cracks
  • No More Crazing
  • No Blistering
  • Improved Color Consistency
  • Optimized Energy Consumption

To Maximize Profits and Peace of Mind

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