Lean Manufacturing Support

Lean Six Sigma "Improving Profits By Eliminating Waste"

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Improve Profits

Cost savings by eliminating process waste.  In some cases, realizing $1,000,000 /yr in savings.

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Lean Six Sigma Training

One-on-One Training

Personalized training tailored to your organization offered for up to 50% less than competitors.

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Lean Six Sigma Flexible Options

Flexible Options

Many training modules available.  Options ranging from single projects to organizational strategy.

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Hands On Approach To Lean Six Sigma

Complete Support

We train through direct participation improving the speed of training effectiveness.

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What Is Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma isn’t a simple way to fix a problem or two, it is a way of doing business.  Lean should be woven into the very fabric of your operation to truly strive for zero waste.  EnviroStar can help you develop your Lean production system from the ground up.  We can help make sure your new way of doing business survives for years to come.

Learn What Lean Manufacturing Is

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The Cultural Aspect

Long term success depends heavily on a supportive culture.  As your whole workforce embraces Lean Manufacturing, they will take it upon themselves to eliminate waste.  Costs will drop and profits will rise as waste is eliminated.  EnviroStar believes strongly in working on developing a supportive culture to support Lean.  We are proud to offer decades of experience with Lean production systems.  Our goal is to help ensure your future success.

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Strategic Fit Of Lean Six Sigma

In addition to a supportive culture, we have found that a solid strategic plan is critical.  We would be happy to explain the approaches that we have found to be most effective.  Our goal is to help you develop a strategic plan that can be put into action to deliver results.

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Individual Kaizen Events

Having a solid foundation and plan in place is just the start.  EnviroStar has led or participated in hundreds of Kaizen events.  Each Kaizen event has driven incremental improvement.  The sum of all the events has driven astonishing profitability.  We can do the same for you. We have trained Lean leaders across a variety of industries.  Of course, we would be glad to provide the tools and training your team will need to ensure success.

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Six Sigma Services

EnviroStar is pleased to offer Six Sigma services As Well

Six Sigma is used for complex and cross-functional problems.

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We have experience in both transactional and process based six sigma projects.  We are confident we can support your Six Sigma project no matter what your needs are.

EnviroStar is here to help whether you are looking for fundamental training or someone to take the lead.

First, with our experience, we can quickly close in on a clear problem statement.  From there, we will gain a true understanding of which factors are truly critical to quality.  All of which lead to a firm foundation for a successful project.  Of course, after building a solid foundation, we will work tirelessly to help lead the team to success.

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Design For Six Sigma

Consider Design for Six Sigma if you are considering a new process.  Design for Six Sigma helps ensure your new process is flawless when it goes into operation.

We have also led and participated in several Design of Experiment (DOE) efforts.  Give us a call to discuss your DOE needs.  Finally, we are available to provide basic Mini-Tab training if required.

If you have a need for Six Sigma support, contact us now.

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