Spray Dryer Feasibility Studies

Have an idea for a new product but not sure if spray drying is the right production approach?  Like to run comparison tests for a product using a variety of formulation options?  Want to see how various environmental conditions will affect the performance of your product.

EnviroStar can work with you to run a variety of feasibility studies to evaluate product and process performance characteristics.  We have an in-house environmental simulator and lab scale spray dryer that we can use to test whatever characteristics you are interested in.

Feasibility studies provide you with the objective data you need to make an informed decision on how to move forward with your produce or process.

  • Spray Dryer DOE (Design of Experiment) runs
  • Product Performance Testing
  • Encapsulation Effectiveness
  • Raw Material Stability Evaluation
  • Environmental Impact Testing
  • Material Viscosity Comparisons
  • Atomization Effectiveness Evaluation