Frequently Asked Questions

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Can we get samples and try them in our products?

Yes. Just email us an overview of your project and we can get a sample box ready to send to you.

Can you run a sample for us?

Yes! Please contact our team to learn more about running a sample size order.

What is your minimum sample run size?

Our minimum sample product run is 5 grams up to 2 liters.

How much does a sample run cost?

Sample runs and proof of concept is free! Please contact our team for a price sheet after initial sample.

How quickly will we receive our product?

We pride ourselves on quick turnarounds, often we are able to compete your order in 2-3 days.

Can you supply other ingredients?

Yes! We have several ingredient providers to help source anything needed.

Are you licensed for food production?

Yes! We are fully licensed for food production.

Can we visit your facility?

Yes! Please contact our team to learn more about visiting our facility in Minnesota.

Can we purchase the equipment ourselves?

Absolutely! We will come help you set it up and teach you how to use it. If you want our water soluble ingredients we can help provide you with that too.

Do you provide freeze drying?

No. We are frequently asked if we provide freeze drying, we can accomplish better results with spray drying!

Can you agglomerate?

Yes! We have a fluid bed agglomerator that can be incorporated with our tolling services.

Can you help us scale production as we continue to grow?

Yes! If you need more production than we are capable of providing, we have relationships with other large scale spray drying facilities.