EnviroStar Introduction

EnviroStar’s roots lie in our service to companies as continuous improvement leaders. With a background in Kaizen and Six Sigma theory and application, we have been fortunate enough to work with a variety of companies around the globe leading continuous improvement initiatives. It is through our exposure to a variety of industries and equipment types that led to our passion for development of products and services to aid in maximizing profits for those of us involved with evaporative drying equipment and processes.

Our journey began back in 1991 in the pulp and paper industry as we experienced an opportunity to work with an international paper manufacturer. In our work in the paper industry, we grew an appreciation for the importance of evaporation in the paper making process and the immense skill the operators displayed in operation of the paper making equipment. It occurred to us at the time that the process of making paper was truly a work of art.

Soon thereafter, in our work with an international plywood manufacturer and were awestruck by how similar the approach to producing plywood was to that of paper. Once again, we were in awe of the skill of the equipment operators and intrigued by the amount of training and experience required to maintain stable performance of the equipment.

As we encountered opportunities to work with companies in various industries around the world, we realized we were witness to a common theme. The theme was really two-fold.

First, as soon as a skilled, experienced operator was replaced with an operator lacking the same skill set and experience, the performance of the associated process faltered quite quickly. Intuitively, this made sense as the less experienced operators simply didn’t possess the same artistic ability that the more seasoned operators did.

Second, the more variation the process variables exhibited, the more difficult it was for the operator to maintain process stability. In a lot of cases, even the most experienced and skilled operators had a hard time maintaining process stability when things really got chaotic. Changes in weather, variation in raw material characteristics, component failures are things that we commonly witnessed wreaking havoc on material yield, energy consumption, and quality consistency. At the end of the month, these things inevitably contributed to profit loss.

Watching the loss of so much material and energy led to years of research into underlying factors affecting evaporative drying equipment ultimately to the development of our patent pending control technology and environmental simulator.

Though we have thoroughly enjoyed our journey through history, we are far more excited about our journey into the future and the opportunity we have to contribute to the future of the evaporative drying industry..