EnviroStar Ingredients: Introduction

Who is EnviroStar Ingredients?

Even though EnviroStar is by no means a new company, our division of EnviroStar Ingredients is just being introduced to the CBD world. We’re excited to be applying our spray drying expertise to this industry, along with our non-negotiable standard of quality product and service. We are passionate about what we do! Want to get to know us better? Allow us to answer a few quick questions for you.

Who is EnviroStar Ingredients?

Simply put, we are a group of dedicated individuals that aim to provide people and organizations the ability to access the purest quality water-soluble CBD. We’ve applied our years of manufacturing and engineering know-how to this industry in order to provide a superior CBD experience for both distributors and their customers. You can order our ClearlyPure CBD in Peak Powder, Pinnacle Powder, Pinnacle Liquid, and DIY Elements Kits. We also provide additional resources to outside suppliers.

  • ClearlyPure Peak Powder = Transparent, ready-to-use Water Soluble Powder
  • ClearlyPure Pinnacle Powder = Crystal-clear, ready-to-use Water Soluble Powder
  • ClearlyPure Pinnacle Liquid = Crystal-clear, ready-to-use Water Soluble Liquid
  • ClearlyPure DIY Elements Kits = Clear components for the asbove three formulas

What does this all mean?

Well, that’s a good question.

We’re the perfect partner for CBD distributors. That’s because we create a wholesome product that is actually useable. Completely pure and free of synthetic additives, our ClearlyPure CBD products are also entirely water soluble and visibly clear. Since the beginning, we have been committed to creating products that can be safely enjoyed, and our mission remains to deliver just that.

How did we get our start?

That is a secret we will never tell.

Just kidding!

We are no Steve Jobs, but we did start with a dream and a goal in mind to create a product like never before. The truth is, we didn’t start out in the CBD industry. We started spray drying food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals with our proprietary process that ensures quality and peak nutrition. Then, one day someone asked us about CBD. Curious, we did our research. Eager to support a reputable industry in our own way, we dove in and haven’t looked back. Our approach has been successful, and we now find ourselves a new and viable leader in CBD quality. We specialize in bringing spray drying expertise to the Nano CBD powder and liquid industry. From formulation, development, and packaging, to budget friendly solutions and one-on-one support, we’re proud to say we’ve got you covered.

Our Products and Services

We pride ourselves in offering high quality CBD products and services. We may be a new name to the CBD industry, but our dedicated team is not new to what they do. Our experts are truly excited to be on this journey of “making CBD useable.”

Okay, that’s enough about us—let’s talk products (a.k.a. the good stuff) and services.

There are three ways to describe our products and services:

1. Clean
2. Effective
3. Pure

We strive to remain this way because our goal is to provide manufacturers, distributors, and the market in general a product that stands out and makes a difference.

EnviroStar Ingredients can supply you with our superior products, take your CBD through our high-tech drying process, or literally set you up with our proprietary process and our proven spray drying equipment. With us, you have all the support you need.

We offer full service, one-on-one support, budget friendly solutions, and have a streamlined design and development process. All of these combined ensure your continued success, help maximize ROI, and simply make your life easier.

Interested, or maybe even totally convinced? Go ahead give us a call at 320-316-3170, or email us at to learn more (no strings attached) and get your hands on some free EnviroStar Ingredients CBD samples. Thanks for reading!