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The CBD Powder Industry

is one of the fastest growing product segments around the globe.  CBD continues to get more popular as a vital ingredient supporting well-being.  Therefore, the need for advanced manufacturing processes is critical to gain and maintain a competitive edge.  Our dedication to value added partnerships along with our vast industry experience make us a perfect match for those looking for support of CBD based powder products.

Why Adopt Spray Drying Technology For CBD Powder

Unique Advantages Of Spray Drying

History In Food Products

Spray drying has been used in food products for decades.  By removing the water in a food product, the shelf life is greatly improved.  There is also the added benefit of saving shipping and storage costs by reducing size and weight by removing water.  Furthermore, spray drying allows for the addition of emulsifiers to a recipe.  The ability to add emulsifiers makes it easier to process oil based ingredients.

History In Pharma Products

Many of the same benefits as those seen in food products also apply in pharma.  However, studies have shown that spray drying also improves bio-availability.  A lot of work has also been done in pharma spray drying on oil based products and the benefits of encapsulation in the spray drying process.

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Resulting Benefits In CBD Powder Production

We can apply many of the things learned in food and pharma producs to CBD products.  Hence, there are a broad range of benefits when applied to CBD powders.  Spray drying CBD based products provides the benefit of longer shelf life, better bio-availability, and protection of volatile compounds like terpenes.

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