CBD Industry Trends

CBD Industry Trends

Lately, we’ve seen a huge amount of public and media attention on a certain five-fingered plant. You can take your pick on what you’d like to call it, but for ease of those who may be new to the scene, we are referring to cannabis.

Now leading up to this point, cannabis has not been recognized as a particularly favored supplement, but that may start to change as some states start legalizing cannabis for commercial production and even private use.

Although, cannabis is still receiving hesitation and push back, it’s cousin Cannabidiol (CBD) is growing like crazy and is conquering the markets!

What Is CBD?

If you’re unaware of what CBD is, here is a very brief explanation. CBD is the legal and non-psychoactive relative of THC. It’s a wonderful substance that is constantly being researched to identify its various benefits. The FDA is currently working on regulating it and the distribution of related products.

It’s gradually increasing, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. In fact, a report released by the Brightfold Group predicts that the CBD industry could possibly hit $22 billion by 2022 in the U.S alone. I don’t know about you but reading that makes all of us at EnviroStar Ingredients giddy with excitement.

Not feeling the same way? Maybe this will put it into perspective. The current success rate of CBD is being compared to Bitcoin. Ya, it’s that big, and, good news, you can still join in and benefit from investing early on.

Why Get Involved?

There are so many opportunities for us to benefit from CBD and its effects. We already know that companies are getting ahead and getting ready to launch CBD infused products in the health, food, and beauty industry. Once, it’s approved, the sky is the limit and who knows how much growth we will see.

CBD fits perfectly into this new shift in health and wellness, and as more consumers become aware of the importance of self-wellness, well-being, and the benefits that CBD can bring them, the more we will see an increase in holistic and natural remedies, like CBD.

Here at EnviroStar Ingredients, we are not only ready for this opportunity to take place, we are one step ahead. Our process is patented and the best out there. We have worked hard to perfect it and because of that we are able to offer a much more consistent quality product, much higher energy efficiency, and higher yield recovery of the dryer by ensuring the dryer is optimized for the current conditions and raw materials. We are ready to take on this adventure and to adapt to whatever it may bring.

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