CBD For Beginners

We firmly believe that CBD is not a trend that will eventually die out, but a new way of life that helps create a natural solution to many everyday ailments. To sum things up, CBD is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant that has shown to help relieve stress, anxiety, and sources of pain.

Today CBD is most known to cause relaxation and for calming the mind and body. When first starting out with CBD, most consumers are unaware of how much to start with. While there is no “cheat sheet” for how much you should take, we always recommend starting small and working your way into a higher dosage as you get more comfortable using the product. At first, you may not notice anything. Remember, CBD is not like taking a psychoactive drug, you will not get a “high”.

As your body gets used to using CBD and you start incorporating it into your daily routine, you will start to feel the effects more. We like to compare this to adding exercise and healthy eating choices into your daily routine. When starting to exercise and eat healthy, you may not notice a difference after one day. But, after a week or two, you may feel more energetic and experience other noticeable changes. Same goes with using CBD.

Like any substance, people react to CBD differently, especially when considering dosage. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. It typically depends on how you consume it (vaporizer, consuming the oil itself, edibles, etc.), how much you use, and your body’s tolerance.

To better understand how your body reacts to it when first starting out, we recommend taking some notes, and these could include:

  • How much you took and how you took it
  • If you felt the effects /or when you first started feeling the effects
  • How strong the effects were
  • How long the effects lasted

This information can help you decide how much to take next time, as well as when to take it.

When looking for CBD make sure you are buying a quality product. At EnviroStar Ingredients we give samples of our powder CBD for consumer to try. Our research and testing ensure we provide our consumers with a high quality, pure product.

Want to try for yourself? Contact us today for a free sample. Give it a try and let us know how it goes and which of our product samples worked best for you. Email us at