Advanced Industrial Evaporation Dryer Controls

The Traditional Approach

For years dryer control has been carried out by highly skilled individuals who use knowledge and experience to compensate for ambient conditions, material variations, and component performance. The problem is that it’s virtually impossible to create a standardized formula across multiple users. This approach to dryer control in turn leads to large swings in the cost of production from one run to the next, variation in the finished product, and a large window in which human error can occur.

The Smart Approach

EnviroStar’s patent pending Buchner Control System has been designed to solve these exact issues delivering advanced dryer control so that you can create a highly reproducible product each and every time.

In short, it’s the answer your business has been waiting for.  Buchner Dryer Controls give you advanced industrial evaporation dryer controls.

Field Proven Artificial Intelligence

The Buchner Control System takes the smart approach by learning about the materials and the environment, and then reacting to changes in realtime. Data is acquired regarding the raw materials, the process, and the finished product to create an ideal model of how everything should be unfolding. This model is then compared to the real world output thousands of times every single second, and the necessary adjustments are made automatically. You can think of it as an industrial dryer that really does think for itself.

The Smarter Way to Optimize Throughput

By ensuring that your dryer is constantly optimized for the task at hand you can sleep easy knowing that your throughput, yield, and efficiency are all the best they can possibly be. You can even make use of powerful add-on modules that identify component failure and streamline the entire change-over process from beginning to end.

Perfect for creating the high quality end product that your customers deserve.

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The Smart Approach

The Buchner Control System